Thursday, August 11, 2011


Welcome new followers!

I feel I should explain how every once in a while I post about random things that stumble into my world and pretty much make it into my daily life.

So here goes.

The coyotes are back!

A few days ago I spotted a coyote right outside my window. I haven't seen one since right around January so this is very exciting news. And yes, I realize as I type this that I sound a bit too much like Kevin Costner's character in Dances With Wolves and I should just stop RIGHT NOW!

But. I missed seeing the coyotes. So. There's that.

Last night my husband and I took off for Brooklyn to see Bon Iver. And they're awesome! I'm a big fan. Their newest self titled release is amazing. It literally got me through days and days of revisions on Mystique.

And last night it was pretty incredible seeing them live. IN-CRED-I-BLE!

So I've been cleaning and basically redecorating all things around me lately. Even the cats have been moved around. And you all know what that means...
I'm nesting a new idea. It moved in right before I finished my edits and now that round one has been turned in I can't stop thinking about it!

Now I just need to sit down and start writing.

I'm totally obsessing over The Vampire Diaries.
I have to admit, when I first heard about the show I totally rolled my eyes. I mean, come on! Enough with the vampires!! And then my fabulous critique partner, Tracy Banghart, recommended the show to me and I thought, alright, I'll try it out...

WOW! I haven't been this obsessed over a show since Buffy or Veronica Mars!! Or possibly Friday Night Lights.
I'm so hooked that last night, while we were driving home from Brooklyn, I was tempted to climb into the backseat and watch a few episodes, but then I realized, what with our six-year anniversary coming up on Saturday, that those were the thoughts of a crack addict and I should JUST STOP. I can go a day without Vampires.
Who'da thought.

And last but not least...
I have to share something delicious with y'all!

I tried macaroons for the first time.


So, yes. Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. You say "critique partner" I say BAD INFLUENCE. He he. :-) Happy anniversary!!

  2. Macaroons? You should come to NY for Passover, we eat enough to make us not want anymore until next year!

  3. YUM! Macaroons! I may take you up on that, Juliette!