Thursday, January 15, 2015

Well, Hello There, 2015!!

Happy Holidays!!

Wait. Let's try that again.

Welcome back!! So... I've been gone for about a month or two, but now that it's 2015 and things are back to happening it's time for more recent blog posts. YAY blog posts!! Right??


The KATE TRIUMPH book trailer is still in the works, and so far it looks AWESOME!!

Have you read KATE yet??! If you have I'd love to hear from you! Reviews make my day! =)

Now that 2015 is here... I feel I should spread some news...


Did you hear about that one book I've been working on and can't wait to share with you?? NO?

Well. More details coming soon, but let me throw this your way...

Do you love Peter Pan? Do you love Seattle?? Do you love love and young adult novels and such??


NEVERLAND will release in early Spring!!

Stay tuned for more details.

And happy reading!

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