Monday, August 24, 2015


The first time my husband saw a hummingbird he nearly fell off the balcony. We were visiting family in Utah at the time, and he'd never ever seen one in his whole entire life! (He was in his late twenties) Needless to say it was a memorable day. I can still remember the sound of his tiny shriek of surprise. (It wasn't that tiny)

(Hummingbirds have been known to startle some people)

Recently we bought a hummingbird feeder. It's red and filled with red sugar water, and for the first few weeks it dangled from my porch, ignored by all hummingbirds. Probably didn't help that we watched it constantly.

"We don't have hummingbirds in Connecticut," my husband told me. "I've never seen one and I'm pretty sure they don't exist around here."

In the last few weeks the hummingbirds have circled our feeder and kitchen window as though they are more interested in us than we are in them. (Which isn't possible)
They do exist in Connecticut. And they have embraced our hummingbird feeder.

Truth is, once you spot a hummingbird in real life you see them everywhere. They followed us to Canada. They flew past us while we were exploring a lavender field here in Connecticut, and a few times now they have chirped at me while hovering just shy of my face.

To me hummingbirds are a sign that fairies could also exist. They are magical. And magic is something I believe in.

My favorite stories to write have a taste of magic to them. Not witches-and-potions magic, but anything-could-happen

If you've read NEVERLAND, well, you probably already know this. For years I've believed in a boy who could fly.

In my next book, MYSTIQUE, (coming soon) you will get a taste of a new form of magic. A magic that is bringing an entire town back to life (literally) starting with a seventeen-year-old boy named Bauer.

Disclaimer: You won't find any fairies in MYSTIQUE. But it's still a fun read.

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