Friday, July 30, 2010


So last night my husband and I
ventured into the big city to see The National. And have Pinkberry.

<- The National

And if you're curious as to what The National sounds like feel free to visit the little music thingee over there. *gestures to the right*
I like concerts. I don't always like going to them but I love the feeling I get once I'm there. In fact most of the time I envision myself up on stage. I'm not exactly sure what I'd do once I got up there... would I sing or play the drums? The piano? Or perhaps I'd just stand on stage with my arms spread out and my eyes closed and listen to the roar of the crowd.
I've always wanted to know how that would feel.
Anyway. Music has always inspired me. Most of the songs over there -> are responsible for scenes I've written. Sometimes I don't even know what a character is capable of until I find just the right song. Scenes happen much the same way. Things have to play out visually in my mind before I can write them down.

So. I ask you. What inspires you?


  1. I have not heard any of the songs you showed. Sunsets, rainbows, newborns, beautiful scenery - most all nature inspires me and many books.

  2. My list is too long to write on here. Just a few are : family, friends, God, nature, running, music, books, the scriptures, food, love, children, like I said way too may things. I guess I am lucky to have so much inspiration in my life, or as I get older I have learned to look for it more.