Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eat the Bananas!

I've been thinking a lot about procrastination lately. Mostly when I'm in the grocery store. The bananas usually get me.
They line up all bundled and yellow and I think, "Indiana really loves you so I'll buy some..."

But then a week or so later I discover they've turned black and smell bad and suddenly I'm reminded that I brought them home from the store.
Now peaches are another thing all together. Even nectarines. They always get eaten.
So why do I buy the bananas?
Because I should? They're healthy. They're part of a nutritious breakfast...at least they're always in the commercials. And they're very portable. They've got that nifty jacket that keeps them protected when you throw them into your purse or backpack. Unlike the peaches. They usually get squished.
So what does any of this have to do with procrastination?
Peaches are all of the things I have to do each day to keep the peace. And I do them willingly. I prefer my environment to be chaos-free. And bananas are the other things. The things that get ignored until they start to smell. Or rather they start knocking around inside my head saying things like, "You should really sit down and try to write today or you'll forget all of that great brainstorming you did while you were supposed to be sleeping last night."
I guess it's all about balance and dedication. Not to mention motivation, determination and focus. And inspiration and...well I could list about a hundred more words that should keep me from procrastinating.
Or I could just go and buy some more bananas.

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