Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Week!

This week is going to be crazy with a capitol K that rhymes with J and stands for Jubilation!
PINKBERRY is coming to me!! ME!! No longer will all the ungrateful folk in NYC or Cali eat all my yogurt.
It is only the beginning of delicious yogurtness. In fact the amount of yogurt consumption that's about to take place is probably illegal in some states. BUT NOT CONNECTICUT!!!
Yes. So. On Thursday the very first Pinkberry in CT is opening just minutes from my house. Well, not minutes exactly but way freakin' closer than having to drive into NYC to get my fix.
Yeah Thursday!
BUT. Before we get to Thursday I have to mention the other exciting events taking place this week.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Sufjan Stevens releases his new CD. I've already heard most of it and let me say, interesting and exciting. Future writing music has been found.


Wednesday is also a big day!! My friend Emily Liebert is going to be on Rachel Ray! YES! You heard me correctly! RACHEL RAY! The woman who is responsible for all that Vegi-head chili I consume throughout the year! Emily will be talking about her fabulous book, Facebook Fairytales.
Yeah Emily!! Go set your DVR's and then buy her book!

And of course Friday is the day where Dragons will enter my house and be heard over and over again. And over and over and over...
And never leave.
But that's okay because I love this movie!! Go buy it too!
Yeah! How to Train Your Dragon!


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