Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Movies and Books and Music! Oh my!

Hello October! Welcome back! And a very Happy Birthday to my friend Anneliese! *waves and smiles* She turns a fabulous 29 today!! (you're welcome)

I can't tell you how excited I am about October. I love Fall. I love Halloween and I love new purchases!

On October 15th How to Train Your Dragon comes out on DVD! Yeah!! Oh, the excitement! I'm really not a fan of animated movies. I know. I'm odd that way. But I have to say this movie wasn't like the others. I kinda felt like I was watching an animated young adult movie. Strange concept, but it worked. I mean how can you go wrong when the movie ends with a Jonsi song? I highly recommend this one!

Crescendo comes out on October 19th! The second book by Becca Fitzpatrick. I loved her first book, Hush, Hush. Some have compared it to Twilight, in fact a whole lot of people have. But it's not the story that gripped me it's the tension between Nora and Patch. Sure, some of the plot lines were familiar but you can't argue great chemistry. Nope you can't. Out of all the sequels and prequels and quadraquels (yes I made that one up) coming out this Fall Crescendo is at the top of my "read me now" list.
Yeah! Can't wait to read it!

New Album from Sufjan Stevens!! Alright all you rock dwellers! Time to crawl out again. Listen up! New music is coming! You know what that means. New brainstorming music for me! Hurray!
Released on October 12th. Yes. That soon. So go give it a listen.

Oh. And in case you haven't heard of Sufjan and you want some recommendations. My fav album is Illinois. Go check it out.

Alright. Time to go and eat some cake because, even though Anneliese lives on the other side of the country and we can't scream happy bday at her, every day should be a cake eating day.

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