Friday, November 19, 2010

A Week of Silence

Wow. What a week. Two sick kids, hours and hours of Blue's Clues and many doses of Tylenol later I think I've managed to avoid the nasty virus that moved in last week and has yet to leave. I mean Temperature and her lovely friend, Sleepless Nights, took off — hopefully they aren't headed to any of your homes — but they left behind their most obnoxious friend Hacking Cough. Sheesh. Any ideas on how to get rid of her?? She is loud and she constantly interrupts and she's making my kids just miserable.

And since we're talking about infection and fun stuff like that, now is probably the best time to let you know that I've come down with what is commonly known as the Idon'tknowwhattodowithmyself virus.
I caught it right around the time my editor called. (Yes! I said editor!)
Julie Romeis, my lovely editor over at Chronicle Books, laid out the time line for book 2 and explained how I should be expecting her edits by mid December. MID DECEMBER!!!
What ever will I do until then?? I mean I have Thanksgiving and Christmas and don't forget how I have to finish up NaNo and...and.
Yes. I have a lot to do before December but I can't seem to get anything done. Not even a simple blog post. I just keep walking around in circles. And it's scaring the cats.

OH!! And guess what else?

My NaNo project just up and changed itself. Like completely!!
I was doing just fine — and by fine I mean about a hundred thousand words behind — when all of a sudden my husband shared the most intriguing idea for a book and I was all, wow, that sounds cool, and then my NaNo project literally began to twitch and shake, it made this strange noise and then POOF! It turned into something else. Entirely. Well, not entirely. I still have my main character's name. So. That's something.
What to do...what to do. Do I:
1. Ignore it completely
2. Tell husband to stop sharing terrific ideas
3.Crawl into a corner and cry (without scaring the two small children who live with me)

Yep. You guessed it.

I won't be winning NaNo this year.

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