Monday, November 29, 2010

Treats From Chronicle!

On Saturday I got a package from Chronicle Books! I have to tell you it totally made my day!! Free books! And a nifty bag to carry them in!! I mean isn't it enough that they are publishing my book? Do they really need to do anything more??

YAY Chronicle!!

And that very night I started reading Katie Williams YA novel, The Space Between Trees. (book review coming soon)

Not only is the cover the coolest cover I've ever seen (it's laser cut!!) but the words inside...??
Well. You will all have to wait to hear more about that. Or you could go and purchase it right now. Why wait? You won't be disappointed.

And speaking of debut novels and cool things like that you should all check out this new group I'm so lucky to be a part of: The Apocalypsies
Watch out for us. We will be hitting your bookstores just in time for the world to end. Or not end. Here's hoping we have a few more years before the aliens arrive.

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