Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patient As A Princess

Because I am the mother of a four-year-old girl I know a whole lot about princesses.
I know that they:
1. generally have long hair (unless it's tragically cut to save themselves from evil)
2. are always kind
3. always get the prince
4. are extremely patient

Now I ain't no princess. Seriously. I'm not. I have the long hair, occasionally I'm kind, and, well, my husband is a prince in my eyes. (HI JAY!)

But I'm not patient.
And in case you need a good example of this just the other day I was trying to get from point A to point B and my daughter said, "Be patient, Mama!"
So. There you go. If a four-year-old has to remind you to be patient consider yourself eliminated from the princess competition.

And why are we talking about patience, you ask?

Because I'm about to go back out on submission.

I just tackled a major rewrite of my first book and now I'm just pacing around the house while my readers and critique partners read through it, and then once it's perfect (in my eyes) I will send it to agent-man and he will (hopefully) love it and send it back out into the big, scary world of editors.
Normally I'm okay with this process. Other than a few bouts of insanity, I've fared quite well.
BUT! (There's always a but)
I've been working on this book for over four years now and I believe, I BELIEVE!!! that this time someone will see it the way I see it.
That's really all I ask. JUST GET ME!! PLEASE!!?

Okay. Enough said.

*deep breaths*

Damn you, Princesses.


  1. May I add that another requirement for a princess is that you can sing and small animals will flock to you...hasn't happened to me yet, so I am disqualified as well.

    I agree...Damn you, princesses :D

  2. Best of luck. I know it has to be tough, but just keep tellin' yourself: "I am a Professional Writer. I can do this!"

    That is my little bit of inspiration for you!