Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello all! I know I haven't been around much lately. I blame the weather. And perhaps the two small people who live with me.

I finished my revision/rewrite and I'm just kinda twiddling my thumbs until it goes back out into the world. So that's fun.

And I've been thinking about the next book idea so my head has been in the clouds. ------>
Except I usually prefer my clouds to be a bit less wire-y.

So... I have a question for y'all. (Mostly this applies to those of you who read books or write books)

How do you like your fiction?

Truthful or all-out made up?

You see I wrote this one scene about a place I've never been to before and I researched it a bit on the internet and I figured since it's a mall it would have a food court (most malls do) but this particular mall is kinda fancy-pants and doesn't have a food court which is kinda cool for those of us who don't like food court food but it really sucks for me who wrote a scene where there's a food court and come to find THERE'S NO FOOD COURT!
So. I can remove the food court or I can keep it there and tell everyone, "well, if you want to get all technical the characters don't exist either!"

Guess which one I'm going to do?

Yep. You guessed it.

So. Tell me your thoughts. When you are writing/reading is it important to keep the real places real? Or do you think, "it's fiction. Anything goes."


  1. You've been there with me, but you probably don't remember. It's a gorgeous mall.

    As for the real-life thing, I don't care, either. I just don't know how others feel about it. Keep it in and see what happens. Probably not a lot of people will care. :D

  2. Ooooo, good question. I like to make sure my fiction is grounded a bit in reality, but I write Science Fiction, and sometimes while I definately try to make sure there is Science, there's also a heavy dose that is purely Fiction! So yep, as far as location (and well, other crazy sci-fi-ish stuff that goes on), I do research to make sure it's plausible. Mainly I research locations to get more details on setting (which generally, I'm horrible at remembering to include! so I make myself research and get a detailed picture of the place in my mind--yay Google Images for this too, by the way!). But when it comes to story elements I just NEED to be there, I happily fudge on facts and embrace the fiction :)

  3. Great advice Heather! Thank you!