Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When The Hype Is SOOOOO Worth It!

Okay. I just want you all to know how very excited I am to share this book with you. I know. Two book reviews in a row. But it has to be done.

About a month or so ago I learned that the first 100 pages of Divergent by Veronica Roth were online. Free! For me to read!
Now I have to admit my first thought was, why 100 pages? That seems like a lot!
And then after I read those pages I thought about how very cruel it was to release those 100 pages. SO. VERY. CRUEL!

I was totally hooked.

I don't know about you but I've noticed that lately there is a whole lot of book hyping going on.
I get all excited about the book and then it's released and it's okay, or good, or not so good.
But this book is sooo worth it!

I loved this book! LOVED! I finished it last night and I want to read it again. Yes. Seriously.
What did I love? Everything. Every last thing. I loved the beginning, middle and end.
And by the way... the end is amazing. AMAZING! I tell you! You want to know why?
Because it has one. You're not left hanging, staring at the last word on the last page thinking, wait! That's it? I have to wait a freakin' year for the next book? And then a few minutes later, while you're cursing the author and the editor and everyone involved in getting this book out into the world, you decide to bang your head against a wall because you're so sick of reading books where after two or three or five hundred pages you have no closure! NO CLOSURE!!!
Well. Let me tell you. Right now I feel like tracking Veronica Roth down (not in a stalkerish way of course, more in a friendly, "Hi! I loved your book!" kind of way) and giving her a huge hug and saying, "THANK YOU! You have renewed my love for trilogies! I can now go out and commit to a few more!"
A bit dramatic, I know. I get why trilogies are so successful. When you read a book you make friends. The characters develop inside your mind and become real and when you finish the book you don't want to walk away from these friends. You don't want to add them to your dusty and shelved pile of friends sitting on your bookcase. You want them to stick around a little bit longer, perhaps share a few more adventures with you. Right?
I love trilogies. I really do. But what I don't enjoy is when I feel like I've been manipulated into buying more books. I love when a story continues. Just give me a bit of closure!
I don't need to see her turn into a vampire after the first book, just don't leave me in the middle of the train ride home after surviving a televised fight to the death competition! I've been waiting to see her reunion with her family since the moment she volunteered to take her sister's place!
YOU KNOW?! That's really all I want!
Okay. I'm done.

Go read Divergent! No vampires. No cliffhangers.
Just a whole lot of awesome!

OH! You should all head on over to the Apocalypsies website to read my fellow Apocalypsie Jill Hathaway's interview with Veronica Roth.

I can't get enough of this book!

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