Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Signing!

Welcome to 2012!!

Yeah. I know. I'm a little late to the party. But I've been busy reading, reading and then reading some more because now that Mystique is pretty much in the can (do you say that with books?) I have a stack of books calling to me and I can't help but pick them up and comfort them a little. They're all so shiny and new. I can't resist them.

OH! And I also headed off to the big city to see these fabulous authors sign some books at Books of Wonder.

Beth Revis, Julie Cross, Megan Miranda,
Maureen Lipinski and Carrie Ryan.

I love listening to authors talk about their process. The crowd asked some great questions and these ladies had some very helpful answers. I especially loved when someone in the audience asked whether they were "pantsers or planners?" It's nice to hear I'm the not the only one who is crazy enough to jump into a story completely blind. Beth Revis mentioned how she would get bored with the story if she knew the ending beforehand and I can relate to that. Although, it sure would be nice if that ending wouldn't avoid me altogether...

And while I was there I ran into these fabulous ladies.

We were all there to see fellow apocalypsie, Megan, talk about her amazing book, Fracture. Have you read it yet? It came out on Tuesday and I finished it on the train ride in. I couldn't put it down! That was the first time I've ever cried in public while reading a book. It was that good. So emotional and thoughtful. And did I mention intense and scary?! Seriously. Go read it.

ME! Zoraida Córdova, Megan Miranda,
Sarvenaz Tash, and Lizzie K. Foley.

So now that it's time to start blogging again...
tell me, what have you been reading?

More book reviews coming soon!

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