Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Last Thursday KATE TRIUMPH officially made her debut into the world. There was much joy, some crying and a whole lot of sugar consumed. Like, a lot a lot. I have learned that the only way to make it through a stressful/exciting moment is to eat Nutella straight from the jar.

Here's proof:

This is the big bottle, people, not the small one. It was full on Thursday. A few days later I need to buy more.

And just because a bottle of Nutella doesn't look all that celebratory I visited this place:

And brought some home. (No photo because they didn't last very long)

Now that KATE TRIUMPH is alive and out in the world here is where she is currently residing:

She is very happy there.

OH! And this happened: 

Yes. I totally made the news feed with JK Rowling. Here is the link. No, I won't be visiting her at her castle, but I'd love to visit Scotland. I've always wanted to go there. Like, ALWAYS. 

I hope you all enjoy reading KATE TRIUMPH!! Now off to write the next one. =)

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