Tuesday, October 7, 2014


There's always a story behind how a book came to be, whether the idea came from something the author witnessed, or heard, or simply imagined.
This story of mine started with a name. I was working on something entirely different, something that was keeping me up until four in the morning. I remember going to bed, listening to the birds waking up and chirping, and thinking how my daughter would be up soon as well. But I couldn't sleep. My mind was still reeling with all the things I had just written and all the things I had yet to write. And then somewhere in the back of my mind came this noise. It was more distracting than the other thoughts and ideas, to the point of annoyance.

Weird, right? Yeah, I know.

But it eventually got louder and louder until I stopped thinking about the other stuff and gave it my complete attention. And there it was. A name. Not just any name, but a strong name.


This name pushed all the other words and ideas right out of my head.


I eventually fell asleep, but I knew a name like that would stick around awhile.

The next morning I told my husband about this name and asked him what he thought it meant. He's used to my weirdness so he didn't roll his eyes or ask me to see someone professionally, instead he thought about the name with me.

I told him with a name like that she had to be a super hero. He told me he agreed, and then for the next few weeks we plotted and brainstormed and eventually decided that with a name like KATE TRIUMPH she'd have to be the daughter of James Bond. Not like the real James Bond, but someone similar to James Bond, someone like Andrew Shore.

And... that is how KATE TRIUMPH came to be.

On October 16th KATE will be out in the world. I hope you all enjoy her like I do. I hope you see her strength and feel her compassion the way I do.

To me, KATE TRIUMPH is a super hero. Her story has yet to give me peace. It grows in my mind even now.

***NEWS FLASH!!***

Coming soon!! KATE TRIUMPH is getting a book trailer!! Check back here for more details!!

Isn't that exciting??!!

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