Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is It Thursday Already?

My computer tells me so. Not convinced.
I think I need more sleep to believe this one.

I had another coyote sighting early this morning. It was still dark outside when I saw him trotting down the sidewalk just outside my kitchen window. Creepy. Do you think coyotes are as afraid of me as I am of them? Based on their behavior I'd say the answer to that question is yes. But if I had sharp flesh-tearing teeth and an enhanced animal instinct I'm sure I wouldn't act nearly as skittish as they do.
I wish I saw them more often. Twice in one week isn't enough.
Coyotes! Why can't we be friends? Is it because the foxes are also afraid of me?

I'm being stalked by my next story idea and I have to keep telling it, "please come back and visit when I have time to write you." Which isn't good. So I think it's time to restructure my schedule.
Idea 1: wake up earlier, sleep less
Idea 2: stop time from moving forward
Idea 3: stop sleeping altogether
Idea 4: ??
Ideas anyone?

Not sure I can keep this one away much longer. It's rather stubborn.

Fall arrived much faster than I was expecting. I know I've been talking about Fall a lot lately and one would think I was prepared but yesterday while I was driving I noticed a whole heck of a lot of leaves on the ground. My heart did this little stop, shake, shimmy thing and suddenly I was surrounded by snow, cold, darkness. Sigh. Why does Winter always have to follow Fall? Why can't we just change things up a bit every once in a while. Wouldn't it be fun if we got Fall and then Spring and then Summer and then Fall again? Just once?
I mean. Can't we just skip Winter? Can we? Huh? Can we? Please?

There's a whole lot of talk about book banning all over the internet. Again. Not sure why banning books is ever an option. If we're going to start banning things in this supposed non-banning country could we start with horror movie previews that air while I'm watching TV? Or can they at least put up a warning that flashes two seconds before the preview begins. I need a warning, People! I choose not to watch horror movies for a reason. I'm a wuss. My mind and horrific images don't mix well.
And for all of you book banners out there, just don't read the book! I mean, come on. If something offends me I steer clear of it. Chances are I'm not the only one. But just because I have an opinion doesn't mean I get to decide for everyone else.
I read Speak. Why is this book causing such an uproar? Did the person who wants to ban it even read it?
I thought it was a beautiful book. It made me cry. Books rarely make me cry. I even went out and rented the movie, which was okay. Kristen Stewart did a great job.
But the book was better. Did I have to tell you that?
I remember finishing the book and thinking, if only I could write like this. Laurie Halse Anderson writes with sincerity. Her characters are real and beautiful and heartbreaking.
So what's my response to all this book banning nonsense?
I think they should stop forcing The Scarlet Letter on high school children and instead make them read Speak.
What did I learn from The Scarlet Letter? How to analyze a book to death, a book that has yet to slip back into my thoughts.
What did I learn from Speak? Writing is beautiful. And storytelling is therapeutic. Melinda's story still sneaks up on me. Take that Hester Prynne.
Soapbox + Me = Done

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