Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Room With A View

Hello all. It is a rainy and blustery day here on the East Coast. So blustery in fact that it sounds like a dozen angry monsters are trying to get inside my house and when we pretend they aren't there they shake the windows and the doors.

But don't tell my daughter. She thinks it's the wind.

And the power keeps threatening to go out. Not so sure I'm cool with the whole power outage thing. I mean right now it's a mild 50ish degrees outside but come sundown that will be a changing.

no power + sundown + angry monster wind outside = no sleep for Shari

A good day to write? Yeah, probably.

Right after my daughter and I sit down and update the Santa letter. You see, some things have popped up on her radar lately while other things that were desirable a few weeks ago are no longer, well, desirable.

So...a new Santa letter must be written.

And in case you all were wondering, it will go something like this:

Rapunzel baby doll
Rapunzel barbie-sized doll (easier to hold when playing with the Rapunzel tower)
Rapunzel tower
Rapunzel guy (Flynn)
Rapunzel horse

Yep. You guessed it. We saw Tangled last week.

At this point if they advertised Rapunzel food we'd be adding that to the grocery list. And Kid One would be eating it at every meal.


So recently my husband, who has spent many many dollars on photography equipment, discovered a new iPhone app that turns your crappy iPhone photos into not so crappy retro looking photos. And he's hooked. No longer is he carrying around interchangeable lenses and heavy camera bodies. Nope. Just an iPhone.

I thought I would share a few.

This is the view from my writing desk:

<-Summer Fall ->

And yes. My view sure does help when I'm stuck inside my head and I really need to think a scene through before I attempt to type it.
Sometimes I turn some music on and while Kid One and Kid Two dance around I stare out the window and tell myself a story.

Take that writer's block.

But today when I look outside all I see are raindrops and, you guessed it, angry monster wind.


  1. That's a GREAT writing view....so jealous! And I love that app...it makes the pictures look so fancy!

  2. Thanks Rachele! And yes. Fancy is a great way to describe them. =)

  3. The secret word I had to type in to POST my comment was Priculla. I thought that would make a good name for a character. Kind of cool.....

  4. What iPhone app is that? I need it!

  5. It's called Hipstamatic. It's pretty dang cool.=)