Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rewrite Overload

So I was writing today and one of my main characters up and changed on me. Just like that. One minute he's the guy I've known for about four years now and the next he's...
And so much for revising. This book has gone into rewrite overload!!

Sounds scary, huh? Well it is. I've found I no longer like anything I used to like and some things I still really like are getting thrown out too!

And what does one do when an innocent little revision turns into a full blown rewrite?

Listen to music. Good music. And brainstorm the crap out of each and every new scene.


Here is what I've been listening to:

The Cave Mumford & Sons
Stamp The Rural Alberta Advantage
We Used To Wait Arcade Fire
Vesuvius Sufjan Stevens
Wide Eyes Local Natives
I Want To Be Well Sufjan Stevens

Go check them out on my music thingy --->

OH!!! And for all you Radiohead fans...NEW MUSIC ON SATURDAY!!!!

Did you hear that scream? Yes? That was me.


  1. Oh no! Well, whenever it turns out big re-writes are necessary, I always try to focus on the positives: in the end, your book will be much the better for it. That is, if you manage not to strangle it/stomp on it/throw it angrily against the wall in the meantime :)

  2. All good suggestions Heather. I'll let you know which way I go.=)