Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm back. Being sick really sucks. Especially when you and your two kids all get sick at the same time. But I was good. Normally I allow myself to be sick for one day and then I get up and clean the house, get sick again the following day, clean house. Repeat.
But this time I stayed sick for two whole days before I got up to clean. So. Progress.

To pass the time Inthelandofsick the kids watched a whole lot of TV. And I read books on my Kindle.
You know I never thought I'd get into the Kindle but let me tell you, that thing is great. Especially when you finish a book and just move on to the next one without getting up off the couch. Seriously, folks. I didn't have to go upstairs once to get a new book. This is how it all went down: finish book, scroll down to new book, start reading, ask husband to make me lunch, adjust child #2 across left side so right side can get better circulation, keep reading. Yep. That pretty much describes the last week of my life.

And watching TV is good for kids. Especially when they're sick.

Child #1 has started watching this new show, we'll just call it Bubble Guppies, (cause that's what it's called) and she LOVES it! Everyday she has to check and see if a new one has recorded.

And guess what? It has.

So the other day we're eating lunch and she asks "Mom, how come the sun and earth are in the solar system?"

Uh. Um. Hmm. You know I wanted to take the easy way out and say, "Cause that's where all the cool planets hang out."

But I didn't.

So Yay! for kids shows. Yay for teaching my kids stuff I have to explain! It's a win win, you know?

And while we're on this subject I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dora for teaching child #1 how to count to ten, say hello and goodbye and of course "LET'S GO!" in Spanish.
Now that she thinks she knows Spanish she makes up her own words she calls "Spanish" and uses these words while we are out in public.

And of course she yells them, cause that Dora chick never uses her inside voice.


  1. I'm sick too and your post got me laughing so hard, I had a coughing fit which alarmed Emeli into thinking I was choking to death.

    Let's hope we are both feeling better soon. :D

  2. Got to love this time of year... But I do love Dora as well, my daughter could count to ten in spanish before she could in English, lol!

  3. This post was hilarious!!! I am currently fighting being sick (which means, I am sick but I'm pretending not to be because midterm week is next week and I have a lot of crap to do to get ready!).

    This post was just what I needed!

    PS. Nice to meet you!

  4. Keary- Yes. Dora is good. A bit loud, but good.=)

  5. Nice to meet you too, Melissa! Good luck with midterms!

  6. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    I'm your newest follwoer.

  7. I'm not sick, but I wish I were. Then I wouldn't have to justify laying around in my cozy PJ bottoms and watching too much TV. Scary how satisfying laziness can be.

    AH CHOO! ....... Oh...... cross my fingers that I'm getting sick!! :-)

  8. This was great. I LOVE the part about your daughter yelling her "Spanish" words in public. So cute! I'm glad you're feeling better!