Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today Kid #1 slipped something into the back pocket of my pants without me noticing. Normally this wouldn't happen. I'm usually very aware of things happening to my body. Or around it. So either she's upped her game or my sensors are weakening.
I have to admit it was a proud moment for me. You see I've gotten quite good at slipping things in and out of my husband's pockets without him noticing. Keys, iPhone. Wallet. I can even slip them back in before he even notices that they're gone.

Sorry Jay. Kisses!

Now we can add pickpocketing to the list of things Kid #1 got from me.

And thank goodness I discovered it before I sat down. It was one of those pointy Tinker Bell Fairies. Could have been deadly.

Today I visited my local Borders. And guess what? It's one of the two-hundred stores that are closing. It's a sad day in Shariland.


I love my Borders. Their hot chocolate is far superior to B&N's. And I know most of the employees there. Some even know me by name. When I was pregnant with Kid #2 they kept track of my progress.

Good thing someone was. Ya' know?

So why is Borders closing you ask. I really don't know. I've read multiple stories about it online but no one's giving a direct answer. Sure, there are plenty of theories. And lots and lots of "what will happen next?" articles. For instance yesterday Nathan Bransford wrote this post.

So I ask you, are bookstores following the path of record stores?

And if that's the case does that make authors similar to musicians? Cause I'm pretty sure when authors go out on tour they don't pull in millions and millions of dollars like bands do. And if bookstores disappear and pirating ebooks becomes as popular as pirating music... will that be the end of writers? Without a paycheck will writers keep writing? Because most of the writers I know would love to quit their day job and concentrate on writing full time but if they write a novel and everyone reads it online for free...
Will books survive? Will writers?

Hmm. Lots to think about.

I know it's not all about the money. I love writing. Believe me, I wouldn't do it if I didn't. Writing is a very lonely experience. Plus I really enjoy sleeping and when I'm writing I don't do a whole lot of sleeping. Or socializing.

But I'm not a rock star. Stadiums aren't going to sell out when the world hears I'll be reading my novel aloud.

So I need bookstores.

And I really need people to stop downloading books for free.


  1. So sad. :-( But a great post...it's like a little post-apocalyptic view of Writer World. And makes me want to go "NOOOOO!!!!!"

  2. "But I'm not a rock star. Stadiums aren't going to sell out when the world hears I'll be reading my novel aloud."

    word. I've got nothin' to add, but your post mirrors my thoughts! also I was amused by your kid's pickpocketing skillz! :)

  3. Thanks Elissa! They do entertain.=)

  4. I've never been to a Borders. I hope there'll be one left when I'm in the US this year!

    Oh and, pointy tinkerbell fairies ftw!

  5. Susanne- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Yes. Tinker Bell rocks. At least in my world.=)

  6. Here is some advice from a former little person mom of 4. First,it could be worse, be glad she is not eating snails. Second, wear tighter pants, then the "slipping things" into the pockets won't be a problem,( or gain some weight). third, enjoy the Fairies because soon she will not be slipping things into your pants but going into your closet and slipping things out, like your pants. I think I would prefer sitting on a pointy Tinker Bell Fairy then never being able to find stuff in my closet. Boy, I miss those Tinker Bell days!

  7. This is an excellent post. I have no idea what will happen in the book world future. It's kind of scary to think about....

  8. I don't think it'll be the end of writers....I do think we'll be seeing a lot more "indepedent writers", meaning those that put their own books out there, kinda like Bands do. Indie bands can have huge followings, so I guess Indie writers could to.

    *I was in on a $1 a book sale at a Borders closing in Atlanta on Sunday. It was a double edged sword bc it was awesome for the deals but sucky for the people who worked there and the industry.

  9. $1 a book! That's wild! My Borders isn't to that point yet.

    And I like the idea of Indie writers. I'm a fan of most things "Indie." =)

  10. I've heard that part of the reason borders went under is because they didn't embrace change the way b&n did with the nook. Which is why, as writers, we're going to have to be flexible and change with the tide. If that means goin indie, so be it. It's not the end of the world...until 2012. ;)

    Also, I read an article in the post or some such reputable publication that said people with ereaders read 6 times as much as they did before they got them. That's gotta be good for business.

  11. Jennifer- Agreed! Now that I have a Kindle I find I buy a lot more books! I've got my fingers crossed!