Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bring On The Distractions

I've entered submission-land again.
You know, that one place where everyday you wake up to dark clouds and lightning until hopefully one day you get that phone call and then suddenly the sky clears and tiny bunnies prance about in your yard? Yeah. That place.

So to keep myself from dwelling on things I shouldn't be dwelling on I must fill my days with distractions.

For instance: Why do my shoes have a tiny, zipper pouch on the side? What am I supposed to keep in there?

And why do the trees in my neighborhood still believe it's winter?
Don't they know it's April?

So today I went out and bought the final season (season 5) of Friday Night Lights on DVD, because screw you NBC for taking so stinkin' long to air the episodes. I mean, seriously! By the time the season begins on April 15 I will have finished it! And I hate football, BTW. I really, really do. But I love this show. I even find myself enjoying the football scenes (which are few) and wishing there were more of them. I know. It takes some serious writing for me to get excited about football.
And while I was at the store I bought chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.
I will be sitting on the couch eating chocolate while I watch FNL, doing my best to keep from thinking about the people who are reading my book or if they've stopped reading my book and why they stopped reading or what made them stop or worse yet, what I did, or didn't do, to make them stop reading. KEEP READING, I TELL YOU!!
I know. Writing makes you crazy. At least it makes me crazy. Although, I always suspected I was a little bit crazy before I started making up stories.

So when I'm not watching FNL or eating chocolate, I'm listening to music. Music helps with the crazy. Right now Frightened Rabbit, The National and Sufjan Stevens are on the playlist.

Oh. And I'm also brainstorming the next book.

Hmm. I'm beginning to sense a pattern.


  1. I am no boxing fan, but when I read THE POWER OF ONE I was in love with the sport. Good writing can do that!

  2. Oh god, I'm empathizing with you! Being on submission brings it's own kind of crazy!!! Seriously, I think that was when I was at my most neurotic (and stalking potential editors twitter feeds, ahem, I mean waiting patiently...!) Good luck, and yes, chocolate is a very good partial remedy--I also favor a glass of wine after I put the munchkin to bed ;)