Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Wednesday

It's finally starting to look like spring around these parts. That is, the sun is out today and water has stopped dripping from the sky.
And with spring comes... Easter!
Kid #1 has been asking me for weeks, "is it Easter yet? Is tomorrow Easter?"
You'd think it was Christmas.
But here in Shariland we have an egg hunt on Easter and that egg hunt leads to a special surprise.
So. There you have it.
Easter is like a tiny Christmas wrapped up in spring.

Sometimes my cats hang out together, which is rather unusual because the larger cat (Hobbs) doesn't really like the smaller cat (Finn) in fact he pretty much bats him on the head a couple times each day.
But sometimes I walk into a room and find them doing things that make me blush, so I usually just turn around and leave. They also appear embarrassed. They look up and then they look away, neither of us making eye contact. Sometimes, to spare us all, I just pretend I don't see them.
(And in case your mind is conjuring up all kinds of kitty-love basically what they do involves inappropriate licking. Or maybe it is appropriate. Who am I to judge.)

The other day kid #1 told her ballet teacher and her entire class that I punished her younger brother for dropping food on the floor.
You see, kid #2 has recently started throwing his yogurt to the ground instead of eating it.
Now kid #1 would never do this. She values yogurt far too much. But apparently her brother enjoys watching things go "splat."
And no punishment was involved, it was more like I left the yogurt on the floor so it could think about what it had done and kid #2 gazed down at it from his highchair, crooning to it sadly, "Oh no, yogurt! Oh no!"

I've decided it's very important that I get out of the house more often. Even if it means walking around in circles and then returning.

My sanity is far more important than checking my email every five seconds.


  1. Yes, taking walks and distracting self with kid antics and twitter and blogging--anything to keep your mind away from what I know is driving you bananas - being on submission. I know how horrible a feeling the waiting is, and my heart (and good thoughts and hopes) go out to you. I also recommend wine :)

  2. Thanks Heather! I need the good thoughts just to keep me sane!=)