Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shari Goes To The Movies

Last week I saw two movies. TWO!
I know. I can't believe it. I LOVE going to the movies. One of the things I inherited from my father. But I don't go very often anymore. Sigh. I know. But don't cry for me. I'll be okay.

So. You wanna know what I saw?




And let me tell you. I have a lot to say about these movies.

So. Let's begin.

I love Jane Eyre. And lately I seem to be obsessing over it. I read Jane by April Lindner over the holidays and I watched the BBC 2006 mini-series version of Jane Eyre, which I loved!! (My favorite BTW)

And then last Sunday I dragged my husband to see the newest movie version of Jane Eyre.
Now. This movie certainly took it's sweet time getting to a theater near me, but I'm not going to hold that against it. I loved it! LOVED LOVED LOVED
But I will say that I would have preferred a longer ending.
I know my husband will disagree. He was quite pleased when the credits began to roll, but I was not. I wanted to see the happy, you know, the kid, the love, the family Jane always wanted and finally has... We all know how dark Jane Eyre is. And the movie does a fabulous job of portraying that.

Conversation between me and my husband on the way to the theater:

Me: "So... do you know what the story is about?"
Husband: "Kind of. It's pretty much going to be a bunch of people in dark rooms talking to each other, right?"
Me: "Um. Yes. And some other stuff."

And he was right. This film is pretty much shot by candlelight (which makes it awesome! And creepy and romantic!)

Needless to say, I loved it. I thought everyone did a fabulous job. The acting was great. The scenery beautiful and dark, just as it should be. I was only disappointed at the end. And that's a good thing. Always leave them wanting more, I say.

Moving on...

So. A few days ago we went to see Hanna.
And in case you're wondering, I think you should all go and see this movie. It's so fun to watch. The story is kind of a side note in this film, it's more about the action and music. And that's okay. Sometimes you just need to sit back and let the visuals take over. Story lines are so overrated. Right?
And I absolutely love the director. He is responsible for my happy movie, you know the movie you go to when you're sick or sad or in serious need of some Mr. Darcy?
Yes. He directed Pride and Prejudice. Enough said.

So. Big thanks to Mr. Joe Wright for making these two lovely films that are very different and fun, in their own ways.
One is relaxing and LOVE.
The other is... um, very, very different.

Yay movies!


  1. Jane Eyre HAS taken its sweet time getting to theaters, hasn't it? (It still hasn't come to a theater near me, which is making me mad!). The 2006 mini-series is like my ideal Jane Eyre adaptation, but I'm glad to hear this recent version is good too. I love Joe Wright's films, too. I've seen his version of Pride and Prejudice about a thousand times, and I love Atonement too. Looking forward to Hanna!

  2. Seriouly, YAY movies!! Yep, 2006 BBC version of Jane Eyre is probably still my fav too. ANd you're making me VERY curious to go see Hanna. That just might be my gift to myself this week :)

  3. Stephanie— I know, right? Why did it take so long?

    Heather— DO IT!! I'd love to hear what you think.