Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Happy Everyone!

With Christmas looming (and my birthday) I will be taking some time off from the blogthing until after the holidays. Which basically means more time with the kids, hubby, cats and coyotes. Yes, I said coyotes. They live outside my window and pretty much run amok every single day. I love seeing them, their winter coats are poofy and soft (at least I imagine they are) and they seem to enjoy winter more than I do.

But they also scare me. A lot. Don't they look scary?

Oh! And, yes. It does suck sharing your birthday with Christmas Eve, mostly because Christmas Eve doesn't share very well.

But after the holidays I will be back to blogging with a vengeance. I'll be working on edits and we all know what that means...I'll need some distractions.

So Merry Christmas to all (who celebrate) and a Happy New Year!

Here's a photo of our Christmas tree before Kid #2 decided to redecorate. He didn't think all those balls were necessary so he, um, got rid of them.


  1. Have a great holiday! LOVE that tree!!!

  2. I LOVE your tree! I also love the pillow on your couch and the little armoir next to the tree. Very cute!