Monday, January 3, 2011

Well hello 2011!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and set some realistic goals for 2011. I know I have. At least they feel realistic today, the third day of January.

Wanna know my resolutions? Do ya? Huh?

To start the year off I plan to revise book 2 until it's absolutely perfect. Then just for fun I'm going to attack book one until it's everything it could have been when I first started writing it.


I'm going to write book three. Or perhaps book three will come before book one. You never know.

So. That should get me through the first half of the year...
Other side goals:
Readreadreadreadread and then read some more cause books are fun!
Exercise! Cause writing involves a lot of sitting and I'm not so good at sitting.

Oh! Remember all those books that were on my wish list? I guess I was a good girl this year cause most of them were wrapped and waiting under the Christmas tree! And, yes, I've already read most of them. Book reviews coming soon!

Happy first day back to work everyone!! Yeah 2011! You smell great and look great! Sigh. I just want to wrap you up and carry you around like a new doll baby.

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