Monday, January 31, 2011

New Milk

I love milk. Did you know? Well, I do. And yesterday when husband went out to buy milk he came back with a new brand. Now, I'm kinda funny about milk. I don't like just ANY milk. It has to be yum milk.
But here on the East Coast we've been getting a bit of cold weather and by cold weather I mean SNOW. And when it snows here people go to the grocery store and they stockpile cause snow apparently means the end of the world.
So. New milk for me.
Oh. And more snow for me too.

And since we're talking about winter this is week three that ice skating has been canceled. WEEK THREE. And all three of those weeks took place in JANUARY which we all know is a winter month. Hmm. winter + snow = no ice skating
Make sense? Yeah. That's what I thought.
So guess what we're doing? Yep. Watching Strawberry Shortcake movies and making cupcakes cause that's what you do when you can't leave your house in the winter.
Perhaps in the spring we'll be able to ice skate again. Or maybe when summer hits. You never know.
Meanwhile, I have some fun photos for you.

<----- This is the pretty one

<----This is to show you what we do when we have too much snow

<-----This is how freakin' freezing it is

And in case we don't make it out to the grocery store again, here are two pictures of my cats.



If you don't hear from me in a few days, they've eaten us.


  1. Ha ha!! How was the new milk? I am feeling a little of this craziness myself!! Love the photos...and the cats who might eat you. Nice. ;-)

  2. Funny! I just came back with "new" milk too. I'll raise a glass to you! Stay warm!

  3. Tracy- It was this organic stuff. Thankfully it tastes good.=)

    Diana- Thanks! You too! Ready for spring?

  4. Maybe your cats just want your milk.

    AND, the only problem with making cupcakes is that someone has to eat them. In our house, I'm usually that someone. You hate to see them go to waste!

  5. Love the snow fort! That looks like fun (maybe more fun in December than February though...). Hope it gets warm enough to ice skate soon!