Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes I think I'm Crazy

My nineteen-month-old son has learned a new word. And of course he learned it from me. You see we play this game where I yell, "Help me! Help me!" (because all true princesses often find themselves in distress) Then my four-year-old daughter rushes in and saves me. And we all live happily ever after. The end.
So now when I'm changing my son's diaper or carrying him (kicking and screaming) from the store he yells, "Help!"

Instead of people staring at us because he has this unusually loud shriek they are wondering if I'm a kidnapper. And whether or not they should get involved.
Good thing we have the same hair color.

I've been avoiding writing lately. I'm not sure why, I mean I have thousands of reasons but you know they're all excuses when they begin with, because. Because because because.
So the voices are getting louder. I know some people take medication for that but I simply write down what the voices tell me to. And when I don't they get really loud and they start to make me feel like I'm going crazy.
Ice cream helps. And chocolate.
Yesterday I made cookies.
Today I might just have to sit down and do what they tell me to do.

And I may have to start exercising.

I read the most important blog post yesterday. It's about pirating. Yes. It sounds like fun. Like an adventure on the high seas but alas, it is not.
It's very very bad. So don't do it. And in case you don't believe me read this: DON'T STEAL

Now off to dance with my four-year-old. We recently picked up Just Dance 2 for the Wii. She can't get enough of that Britney song.

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