Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Music On A Thursday

I'm getting a bit sporadic with the music posts. Truth is, I'm not very organized. And I'm easily distracted.

Today we feature The Decemberists.

I know I've never mentioned them before. I can't listen to them while I write. Their lyrics are far too distracting. It's kinda like trying to tell someone a story while they're watching a movie. Impossible. And slightly annoying.
So I listen to The Decemberists while driving or hanging out, pretty much when I'm doing anything other than trying to put words together on a page.

<--- New Album (The King Is Dead) <--- My Favorite Album (The Crane Wife)

And they're good. Don't believe me? Check out my music thingy. I've put some of my favorite songs up for your listening pleasure. Oh! And they have a shiny new album out now. The King Is Dead. It's pretty amazing. Just like every other album they've made.

My all time favorite song will always be the Crane Wife 3. And even though it always triggers sad memories, I love the song completely.

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