Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So my next book review is coming! I know. You're all just as excited as I am. But before I introduce the book and write a raving review I just thought I'd mention the amazing author. You see the thing about reading is that we don't usually know the author who wrote the book nor do we always want to. At least that's how it used to be. Nowadays authors are all over the place. They are in our bookstores hungrily awaiting their fans, they're on the internet blogging about things that are important to them or just ranting about things that only make sense to them. Ahem. They are even on our social networks so that we can now stalk them in public.
Isn't that cool?
So now that authors aren't just a tiny photograph and a short yet clever bio on the back of the book we can get to know them a little better.
Today I just so happened to read the latest blog post from a certain author whose book I'm planning on reviewing in the next few days. Not only do I love this particular writer's books but I now think she's pretty dang cool.
You see today she posted an amazing post on censorship. Please everyone go check it out: CLICK ME

Now I have very strong feelings about censorship. Of course I do. And they go something like this: I don't believe in censorship. You see I believe that everyone is given the right to make their own choices and when you start censoring books and music and TV and movies you are taking away our right to choose. I have two small children and every day I get to decide what they can and can't do or say or see or experience. And I will continue to do that until they are old enough to make those choices for themselves and hopefully they will teach their children the same thing. I may not like certain books or movies or music but the funny thing about that is I don't have to read, watch or listen to them. And everyone else in the world? They get to make that same choice and I'm almost 100% sure they will not make the same choices as I do.
Huh. Funny world we live in.

So. Stay tuned. Book review on it's way...

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