Monday, August 23, 2010

School, New Music and MOCKINGJAY!!!

For some of you out there school is about to start! YEAH! BOO! *stomach flutters* (that should cover just about everyone)
And for some of us Fall no longer means new clothes, early morning alarm clocks and newly sharpened pencils.
Here in CT we've had a very long and hot summer. It began in early April and probably won't end until late September. Now I'm not complaining. BELIEVE ME! But I do love Fall. Even though when I was younger right around the fourth of July I would start feeling a bit anxious. School was looming. And I really didn't enjoy school. Especially high school. I'm not one for playing by the rules. Not that I break them...I just don't like anyone telling me how it is.
And I really wanted to like school. I remember sitting in class thinking, this is so interesting! I could sit here and learn about _____ all day! But ultimately I would end up talking myself out of going to class. I know. I was a slacker.
So. I know you're all wondering why I would want to write YA books if I hated high school so much. It's definitely not so I could still experience all of those late-for-school nightmares. I'm pretty sure I would get those even if my mind didn't pretend to be a seventeen-year-old girl's.
The answer to that question is a whole other post. But in case you can't wait here's a short answer: you write what you read. See. I told you it was short.

So for me part of my writing experience involves new music. GOOD new music. And the latest band to fall into my collection of brainstorming music is Arcade Fire. Now in case you've been living under a rock and don't know who they are go check out my mixpod playlist and take a listen! Their newest release, The Suburbs, has been playing nonstop in my house and car since it came out. I LOVE IT! Oh. And living under a rock is okay BTW. I'm not judging you or anything. Crawling under a rock sounds perfectly lovely most days.


Mockingjay comes out tomorrow! T O M O R R O W!!! For those of you still under that rock...you've got to read Hunger Games first. I promise you'll love it!

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  1. MOCKING JAY!!!!! WOOT WOOT! I liked your post it is good to know that life isn't always going to be high school.