Monday, August 30, 2010

List Of Things Keeping Me From Writing...

3. ME
Well you get the point.
I actually do have a list of things that distract me from writing but at the top of the list it is always me.
Right now I'm struggling with my next story idea. I'm pretty sure that this whole submission process has a lot to do with it and my lack of focus isn't helping. In fact it's kinda getting in the way.
So I read a lot. I get excited over the success of other authors. (Or sometimes feel bitter) I'm blogging and posting on forums. All of these things are helping me feel proactive.

As well as distracting me from writing.

You see so far this is my least favorite part. When I was querying agents I approached it like a job. I was fearless. When one agent turned me down I would query four more. And I just so happened to land a fabulous agent. When he called me up to offer representation his enthusiasm mirrored mine. I got off the phone and thought, this is it. This could really happen.
But now I wait. He's in charge now. I'm supposed to sit back and let him do his thing. And. Um. Just so you know...I'm not so good at that. Perhaps it's a control thing. Or a patience thing. Either way it's kind of making me lose my mind.
And writing should help. Yes. It should. That's what everyone says and I really do believe it. But the thing is...I have these two books and I keep feeling like they aren't finished until somebody buys them. Some editor gives the okay for each one to be printed and marketed and shelved and then sold and then read by everyone in the whole wide world and...
That hasn't happened yet. They don't feel finished right now. And I like finishing things.
Starting another book...
is crazy hard.

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