Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary Jay! And Bella and Edward...

So tomorrow my husband and I celebrate our five-year anniversary. FIVE YEARS! Yippee!
If you've been reading my blog or know me at all you are aware that, yes, I've read the Twilight series and, yes, I am a fan. BUT NOT A FANATICAL ONE! So... No, I didn't plan my wedding around Bella and Edward's. I just so happened to have August 13 as my anniversary before Eclipse even came out. Thanks a lot, Stephenie.
A few months ago while I was sitting in the movie theater — with half the teenage population of my town — watching Eclipse I was reminded of this fact.
But as my four-year-old politely informs me each day, "You have to share, Mama."
So. You know. Whatever.
Happy Anniversary to Bella and Edward too. And anyone else out there who chose the 13th of August simply because in 2005 it just so happened to fall on a beautiful Saturday in Utah!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Shari! So glad we got to share that day with you and Jay five years ago - it was beautiful. Anyway, love your blog;)
    Fan #11