Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello Friends!!

So I'm revising book 2. No, I wasn't told to. Not yet at least. I just miss them! My characters that is.
They were inside my head for a solid 5 months and now they only pop up occasionally. Like when I'm eating lunch and dinner or when I'm driving in my car or trying to sleep. Okay. They pretty much harass me all the time. Except breakfast. The only thought that enters my mind first thing in the morning is, how can I get more sleep?
And since you asked the real reason I'm revisiting book 2 is I really really really want to continue the story. I know. Bad Shari! But too bad. I'm doing it. I'm not ready to move on yet. I want to keep writing about my friends. They have so much more to experience. There's a whole heck of a lot of story left to write. Can you tell I'm excited? Can you? HUH?
Normally I would discourage this kind of behavior — you know continue a series when the first book hasn't sold yet — but my mind won't move on.
Do you know the other really cool thing about revisiting a book?
I have a fresh perspective! Suddenly I'm seeing things I never saw before! I'm adding danger and more mystery! And LOVE!! Yes. It's like I'm a chef adding ingredients to a stew. Or. Um. A writer revising her book.
Holy cow! For a moment there I was all excited about cooking. Don't worry. It passed.
So stay tuned.
And. Um.

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