Monday, September 20, 2010

NEW! Monday Music!

Yep. It's that time of year again where I find that a rather large pile of sweatshirts and light jackets are making their way into my car.
I love Fall.
I especially love when you slide into your car and it's that perfect sun-heated temperature that makes you want to close your eyes and take a nice little kitty nap. (Not recommended if you're driving at the time.)

So we're going to try something new here on Daily Distractions! Every other Monday or so will be Monday Music where I mention a band or song or CD that has inspired me to write. Perhaps these suggestion will either help with whatever creative venture you are on or at the very least add to your collection of music.
Sound fun??
Yeah music!
My husband introduced me to Sigur Ros quite a while ago. And I love them. I really do. The music is haunting. Some songs help with writing while others I love to listen to in my car. Really really loud. And I try not to think at all.
But I'm not going to write about Sigur Ros today. I'm going to write about Jonsi. You see Jonsi is the lead singer of Sigur Ros and Jonsi is his solo project. All I have to say about this new CD is that without it I never would have finished book 2. Nope. Never would have happened. I listened to this album on repeat hour after hour until I typed the very last words. Some songs more than others. In fact the song Grow Till Tall is responsible for a rather important scene, a crucial scene I was struggling with until I heard this song.
I'd love to make a book trailer and use this song.
Jonsi, if you're reading this, please call me.
Over on my little playlist thingy are some Jonsi songs but I really think you should all go out and listen to the entire album. Yes. Every last song.
And then go and buy tickets to one of their concerts.
I've been to many many concerts. So many I feel as if I could have bought land and built a house with the money I've spent on concerts. Sad to think about in retrospect.
If you have the opportunity to see this tour, the Go Tour, you should go. I mean seriously. It has to be the best concert I've ever seen. Better than seeing U2 in Vegas. Better than every sold out show that got rave reviews and left me smelling like other people's sweat. And hair products.
Visually it is stunning. And the music, well, just go.
Perhaps you'll come away inspired.
Now wouldn't that be nice?

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