Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Friends

Even though there are a whole lot of books coming out over the next few months I find I'm in the mood to revisit old friends. You know the characters you fell in love with the first time you read the book and when you reread it the second time around you realize just how much you missed them.
Yes. This happens to me a lot. In fact there are certain books I go to when I need some quick instruction on how to:
a. create chemistry between the two lead characters
b. add insight or sincerity to a character
c. make that voice sing a whole lot louder
d. move the book along at a much quicker pace

This is one of the biggest reasons I've fought the whole ebook situation. As cool as it would be to carry my extensive collection of books around inside a hand held device I love to walk on over to my towering bookshelf and take in all the beautiful book covers and boldly printed author names.
There it is! My favorite Judith McNaught novel! This will help me get my male MC to grip the reader in just the right way! And Sara Zarr! If I have time I will read all three of your books! Nothing is more inspiring than the sincere heart behind an author. You can't learn that in school, friends. Nope. No, you can't.
So right now while I'm reworking book 2 I find I'm revisiting. Stopping in here and there just to say hi and remind myself how to not only sell a book but get a reader to come back and visit again and again.
So you tell me...
What books do you revisit??

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